Dream Team 1-4

Are we watching the 100 Million Dollar man implode before our very eyes? Lets rewind shall we? Lets go back to last season- We had an amazing story, Mike Vick released from prison only to come in to replace Kevin Kolb as the starter. Vick would go on to have an MVP like year as he quickly pointed out himself. Vick had claimed that he should be the MVP of the league, nobody else. Vick would not give anyone credit but himself. Lets fast forward to the end of the season- Vick would toss an INT to cost the Eagles the game, doing what he quite often did while in Atlanta, take the team on his shoulders and force a ball that ended up going into a defenders hands. The Eagles would have a long plane ride home that night- they were knocked out of the playoffs and the Packers would go on to win the Super Bowl. What happened might or might not shock you, Vick was rewarded with a new 100 million dollar contract. Most people questioned this move, many did not truly believe that Vick was changed. Lets take a walk down memory lane thus far this season and find out for ourselves. First we had the Dream Team label given to the eagles, this came after a rash of big names signed to small 1 year deals, the  Eagles gobbled up everything that had a heartbreak in free agency, well done.  We started the season with Vick giving himself props after his victory,saying that he was lights out and forgetting that NFL football is a team game, a team game made up of a WR, TE, RB, OL, QB and a defense.. yet Vick was lights out, nobody else, right? Lets continue.. we move to Michael Vick’s homecoming with so much push by ESPN and the NFL to promote this game as one of the biggest of the year. What happened? Mick Vick of course would hear the boo’s rain down from the crowd as he entered the stadium, most of the talk revolved around the racially divide over Vick and how some still support him in Atlanta.. a slap in the face to Matt Ryan who deserves some big props, sadly the talk revolved around the attention starved Michael Vick. Mike Vick would end up having to leave mid game due to being pounded into the ground,while Vick was leaving.. the boo’s again rained down- Vick pointed to the scoreboard during the Quarter as the Eagles were winning, as a final stick to the fans and the Falcon organization that cut him. Yes the Falcons organization had done  Mr Vick wrong, cutting a criminal who  killed, abused  and murdered dogs, who has done irrepressible damage to Pit bulls forever- Lets continue- You’re probably assuming that the Eagles would go on to win, after all, we have Vick who pointed to the scoreboard.. this would be wrong. The Falcons came back and played inspired football to win the game and defeat Michael Vick and  the Eagles. Lets continue- We then had Vick blame refs for his bad play, complain about a writer  criticizing the Eagles and hurting Mr Vick’s feelings- calling the Eagles Dumb and Slopping. Vick would go on to say- that unquote- if you do not play this game I don’t think you can even make a comment like that- I am sorry to tell Mr Vick but writers get paid to give an opinion on a game- Vick gets paid to complete passes.. Vick tossed 4 INT’S his last game- I  think that Michael Vick needs to focus more on completing a pass rather than focus on cry about a writer calling the Eagles at 1-4 what they are- Sloppy and dumb. Yes the Michael Vick we all love and wanted to believe it, he is returning.. the old Vick that Atlanta had gotten. My question to Eagles ownership is the same as it was before the season started- 100 Million? What were you thinking?

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