The Jets full of diva personalities?

Are the Jets full of Divas?
The sky is falling, well for anyone who is a Jet’s fan. The Jets and their coach is imploding before our very eyes. As every season goes, the Jets or more accurately Rex Ryan had claimed that the Jets are once again the team to beat. Why would we expect anything less? We’ve heard this before, right? The Jets were pretty close a few times, this year would be like no other. The Jets find themselves sitting at 2-3, luckily for the Jets, they play the Miami Dolphins which is the equivalent of playing your local high school varsity team. First we had Derek Mason, plaxico burress, and Mr team Captain himself santonio Holmes charge into Rex Ryan’s office to complain about the Offensive Play-calling. Of course like any situation, this was leaked to the media and immediately started waves around the NFL. The following week Derek Mason would find himself traded to the Houston Texans. santonio Holmes again would come out and now criticizing the Offensive line for poor protection of Mark sanchez the great. Lets toss in some critique of joe willie namath himself as well, while Rex Ryan stating that Namath would not be good enough to backup sanchez. Ryan was right- an over 50 year old man wouldn’t be able to backup a under 25 year OL QB in New York, but he sure would give him a run for his money. What has happened to these Jets, the ones who were the hot trend in the NFL. Could it really be all of the distractions? Are these distractions catching up with the Jets? Maybe the Jets simply are not that good. What happened to Revis Island? Haven’t heard that in awhile huh? Revis Island has dried up. Lets look at this a moment. First we have Mark sanchez who does a better half naked pose on the cover of a magazine then he does playing QB. Next you have Rex Ryan and his foot fetish clogging up Youtube, we can’t forget Rex Ryan filling his players heads with” we are the team to beat” This is a total disrespect to teams lik the Texans, Chargers, dare I say Ravens? Every team goes in thinking that they can win this game- Ever saw the movie Any Given Sunday Rex? Nothing is given in the NFL, nothing is handed to you in this game, including being ” the team to beat” You earn this title Rex, Pittsburgh had earned it last year, quickly they are sinking into a state of abiss as well, so you have company in the dark hole. The focus in New York has been clouded by distractions. Where is Rex Ryan to squash these distractions? Oh the man is part of them with his foot fetish. When Dallas played New York, the entire game centered around two brothers- first off .. Dallas has a head coach not named Ryan, you wouldn’t know it however. We know that the Ryan brothers are brash, forward and cocky, but is that the way to go? Just ask the Eagles so called dream team. Yes the Jets have lost focus of winning, there are much to many divas on this team, the prisoners are running the asylum. Rex Ryan is trying to be the players best friend and not their coach. Rex gets paid to be a coach not one of the boys. What needs to happen is a ego check. Rex Ryan needs to get into santonio Homes face, spit needs to fly from his mouth like the old cower days, Ryan needs to tell Homes in only 4 letter words that this is the Ryan show not the santonio Holmes show. Mark Sanchez needs a reality check as well.. the man isn’t good at this game, he wants to be a playboy not an NFL star.. that worked out well for Matt leinart huh? You USC guys will never get it. You’ve had things handed to you while at USC, Reggie Bush, Matt leinart, Mike Williams, now Mark sanchez. Here in the NFL you come to work, you put your hard hat on. Here in the NFL you are playing with men who put time into this game, they feed their families with this game. The Jets are a sinking ship full of Divas in deed, yes the sky is falling in New York. If somehow the Dolphins do win this game this Sunday, all hell will break loose
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